Sony 3ccd 
 colour camera

XC 003P



The XC-003/003P is a 3-CCD RGB color camera module designed primarily for process control and image processing applications. The new 3 CCD C-mount optical prism block lets to achieve three times higher resolution compared to a 1-CCD system. Moreover acceptance the standard C-mount lens system (bayonet-mount is not required) allows customers to use a wide variety of lenses. In combination with a frame grabber the camera can do a long time integration (on the ccd) for max. 4 seconds. this makes that the camera can be used for fluoresent recording The camera is also equipped with a newly developed  E-Donpisha external trigger shutter which assures accurate capturing of random fast moving objects. Such a feature is useful in high speed color inspection systems. Camera XC-003 (XC-003P) works in accordance with EIA (CCIR) video norm, using NTSC (PAL) color coding system.

Sony XC003P


    • High resolution: 768494 (NTSC), 752582 (PAL)
    • Cosite sampling
    • E-Donpisha Asynchronous Reset function
    • Long term, low-noise integration  max 4 sec.
    • RGB, composite and Y/C outputs
    • External sync
    • Compact design: 5056128 mm, 440 g
    • Computer controled
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